We are a direct studio has been specializing in genuinely hand-painted museum quality old mster reproduction oil painting and custom art since 2005. Our paintings are created by experienced, professional artists who paint in the same traditional way as the Old Masters centuries ago(check out how we paint).  

Our mission

Our mission is to provide genuine oil paintings that are hand-painted by talented, professional artists at AFFORDABLE PRICE, with TOP QUALITY, FAST DELIVERY, HONEST PRACTICES; we aim to be the source for individual art lovers, interior designers, furniture stores, and gallery owners.  We are here to help clients own a masterpiece!

Our product

Our products fall into two categories. 1: Old Master Reproduction; 2: Custom Art From Photo.The paintings of famous artists are classified by Artist name, Subject and Style. Custom portraiture displays Pet portraits, Child portraits, and portraits in the following categories, lady Portrait, Man Portrait, Couple Portrait, Wedding Portrait, Family Portrait, landscxart, Architecture Art, Combined Portrait, Pop Art Style, Impressionist Style, Portrait of a woman, Portrait of a Man, Portrait of a Man, Wedding Portrait, Family Portrait, Family Portrait, landscape, Architecture Combined Portrait, Pop Art Style, Impressionist Style